The OneVuex Business Story...

At Bass International Software, it is our goal to revolutionize and ultimately advance the way software computing is managed and processed by corporate leadership and the office worker. We discovered and perfected a cohesive process of binding and running multiple applications and multiple systems in a single unified code sequence. This new process revolutionizes the way users interface with software and how they manage, create, share, edit, communicate and find the information they need. It is our goal to reach every business person possible, educating them on the innovative functionality, time saving processes and IT and business cost savings of OneVuex. It is also our goal to create a global movement to revolutionize the way business information is managed, creating simplicity, ease of use and greater efficiencies – in essence doing what computing was originally designed to do…enable the user to reach the highest level of efficiencies, driving innovation, change and productivity.
About OneVuex
The uniqueness of the new cloud platform OneVuex - The evolution of all computing in one solution

Integrating multiple applications into one solution creates a new vision for all aspects of computing. Artificial Intelligence, 3D Modeling, Computing in the Air, Voice and data translations in "Real-Time," co-authoring and many other functions that were believed to be years if not decades away are now available in OneVuex.  Bass International Software has some of the best software engineers in the world who can visualize extreme concepts that other companies hesitate to even try to accomplish - we know how to get it done. We don't shy away from our customers when support questions arise. We engage our customers with excitement and anticipation to get them where they need to be. With our 30 minute guaranteed response time, no one can match our level of commitment or our efforts to ensure the best customer care possible.

Our Vision and Mission

At Bass International Software, we create technology most people never even dream of … empowering you and your business to reach unprecedented heights of efficiency, speed to revenue and a true competitive edge. We provide and design innovative software solutions and services, revolutionizing the way users interface with software as well as how they manage, create, edit, communicate and find the information they need. Our commitment to researching, observing, studying and understanding business models allow us to:  Innovate and improve business processes; Deliver the ultimate business systems; Service every user requirement; Expand and educate the business world with expert training and Elevate your business to the heights of efficiency.

At Bass International Software, we spent over 16 years researching administrative and business processes to clearly understand the needs of the modern corporation. As a result, OneVuex Unified Systems was created to address all these concerns and more in one application. We also understood another issue created by other software vendors providing their “solutions” to address the inefficiencies in computing. They created their technology in their own “language” off their own platforms. This presented an added challenge to integrate these new technologies into companies existing systems forcing workers to learn how to operate and manage yet another application, drowning them in data and processes. In essence, it’s something else they have to learn which slows adoption throughout the organization.  By moving to the OneVuex cloud these challenges become a thing of the past.

Implementing OneVuex in your organization is one of the best decisions you can make. Why? Because OneVuex doesn't require a VM, nor does it require any hardware infrastructure. With OneVuex, businesses get the best productivity software in the world and a "no hassle" deployment process. We configure it, we deploy it, we maintain it.  All you have to do is log-in and use it.  Just provide the device of your choosing and an internet connection and you're in business. 

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What we do

At Bass International Software we become advocates for our customers. We realize the IT industry isn't the easiest or the friendliest to get along with. We work especially hard at providing an honest, knowledgeable and technically capable team for each and every customer. It is our mission to create a cohesive partnership with each of our customers. The future of computing will bring great invention as well as great challenges. The only way to be successful is to work together to provide unified systems but a better informed and unified society. 

Build Your Globla Network in OneVuex

OneVuex is a complete system that integrates different systems into a unified solution that provides greater efficiencies and increases user productivity more than any other solution on the market.