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Global Team Member of the Microsoft One Commercial Group

OneVuex Security & Support


For the first time ever, with OneVuex we've discovered a way to "integrate" security in the operating code of our cloud platform, the applications you run, communications between the OneVuex Cloud and your devices are encrypted and additional security is integrated with the operating system on your device(s). This is the future of computing with total data & systems unification with Integrated Unified Security.

  •    GDPR Compliance & HIPPA Compliance
  •    Data Loss Prevention & Data Governance
  •    Threat Management & Attack Simulation
  •    Data Privacy, Secure Mail & Encrypted Email
  •    Admin Supervision (user monitoring) & Threat Tracker
  •    Audit Log & Customized System Wide Alerts
  •    Compliance Management & Reporting    

Made Available Only On The Microsoft Cloud

Supporting Points:

100+ data centers across 15 geographies

Over 100 datacenters in over 40 locations and 15 geos across the globe.

France and South Africa will launch in the upcoming year. [were continually launching new data centers]

Contractual commitments for data residency for "core customer data" in 7 regions. (EU, Germany, South Korea, Canada, India, Japan, Australia, US, US GOV)

Datacenter redundancy in every region for disaster recovery, high availability and service performance

Worldwide performance with a global network edge

One of the 3 largest Global Fiber data networks in the world

A global network edge with 50+ points of presence distributed globally

Network with massive capacity, for good service performance for users across the globe

Compliance leadership in global and local standards like ISO27001, EU Model Clauses and FISMA

Independently audited Operations and facilities.

Our data processing agreement details the privacy, security, and handling of customer data, which helps you comply with local regulations

Adherence with global, industry and local standards:


in progress: FFIEC, IRS 1075, CNSS1253, FISC

All data encrypted in transit and at rest

Transparent security operations including access to audit data via the Service Trust Portal

Built in Security best practices like penetration testing, Defense-in-depth to protect against cyber-threats

Manage All Software In One Interface

Computing with OneVuex

OneVuex Is Designed For Every Size Business

  • Find and relate information that resides in different systems  
  • Search across all connected applications & platforms
  • Get work done from anywhere  - BYOD
  • Integrated Collaboration
  • Find Information without Rememering File Names or their location

Benefits Of OneVuex

Work Smarter - Get The Job Done

  • Build Documents with Co-Authoring
  • Share Information Securely & Easily  
  • Create Internal & External Work Groups 
  • Integrated Subject Management 
  • Share Information between Departments
  • Access data in major platforms over mobile devices

Get Apex Results

Work Together

Build and associate individual work groups within a single department or across the entire organization. Work with persons to build projects who are internal and external to your organization.

  • Data Identification
  • Data Management
  • Data Protection
  • Reporting

Manage Data from Different Departments

With OneVuex users can now share information from different departments with different systems that don't usually talk to each other. 

  • Better Security
  • No Network Hardware
  • Anywhere Access
  • Expanded Storage
  • Faster Computing

Live Stream Analytics

OneVuex can automatically capture analytics from across your organization as data is being created and edited. Management can simply look at their screen and view the analytics they need.

  • Machine learning
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Sandbox Development
  • Intelligent Computing

Work From Anywhere

BYOD OneVuex empowers users to work from anywhere with an internet connection and their device of choice. View and manage information from any of your systems on the device your prefer.

  • Find Information Faster
  • Associate Information
  • Business Analysis
  • Natural Language Query
  • Relational Data Analytics



"OneVuex has been vetted by our global sales and marketing groups as well as our technology architects. The consensus is that OneVuex will bring tremendous value to any organization seeking to create greater workplace efficiencies regarding how workflow and processes are managed and generate significant cost savings."

Shinwar Mayi - Microsoft Corporation 2015

Ohio Chambers of Commerce

To find information in our system, you'd click to get into a folder, then you’d get into a subfolder, get into another subfolder … I got 5 clicks in before I was close to what I wanted, but then I’d have to know what they called the particular document and there could be tons of them in a folder.  As a new person coming in, trying to find something was unbelievable.  With OneVuex, I just type in a word that's about what I'm looking for and the document and everything related to it comes up in one simple search.”

Karen Applegate - SCOC 2016